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About Leovēlle

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”’Leovēlle”’ is a Maldivian band formed in 2015 by Sadhin Ali (Dinbe) along with his companions. They are mainly focused on Originals and Maldivian melodies. Being Derived from cultural and Dhivehi influences, their music has a distinctive ethnic sound.
Leovelle formed in 2015 with Sadhin and his supporting companions. Through the first year Leovelle released their first songs which belonged to the album “Reyva (2016)”. All the songs & lyrics were composed & arranged by the leader, Sadhin. They released each song separately and compiled it later on.
By the end of 4 songs everyone had developed their music skill with the guidance of Sadhin & his Father Ali Abdul Kareem. After the 4 songs,
In 2016 their first album “Reyva (2016)” was officially compiled as whole. The Last song of the album, Hiyaalu (Reverie) was featured with the artist, Yaamin Rasheed. The album was a successful beginning and created a distinctive sound around the nation.
In the mid of 2016, Leovēlle started to perform around the isles as a two piece band dividing the gigs along with Shambe, Haiku, Thax, Lujje & Sadhin. Most of the places they performed were luxury resorts. Featuring their music with 2 more artists. Eventually after 2017 they released a couple of singles including their first Official video song Zaham (Scathe) with the official members And the supporting members.